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Koyama Ry - Arctic Circle Judo Club

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Koyama Ry is a judo club from Finnish Lapland, founded in 1990.
The club has got its name from the place where the practices are kept, Ounasvaara, a hill just outside the city center of Rovaniemi. In the name "Ko" stands for "small", while "yama" means mountain, so the name of the club could be translated as "Small mountain". Ry in the name tells that the club is a registered association. The club is a non-profit organization.

Our practices

Our practices are mainly kept at Santasport Center, Hiihtomajantie 2, 96400 Rovaniemi. Pratices arranged for minors are always supervised by an adult.
Weekly practices are kept at a tatami which has an area of more than 280 square meters, for competitions and training camps tatami of a size about 400 sqm can be build.

The sports center offers excellent facilities for arranging pratices and events, there are for example restaurant and accommodation services, swimming hall and meeting rooms.

Students and other travellers are welcome to visit us.
For adults there are two groups:

  • "Harraste" is also suitable for people who want to keep fit, but are not so much into doing everything with 110 % power.
  • "Teho" is the choice for people who want to take randori and test their limits.
  • See page "harjoitusajat" too see the timetables for weekly practices

Our coaches

Majority of our coaches have more than 20 years long experience in judo. Several of them have also an active role in regional, national and even international level.


Some of our coaches and examples from their judo-careers:

Veijo Saarinen, 5. Dan, the sensei of our club, active developer of judo on regional and national levels since 1970's.

Harry Halttu, 5. Dan, previously personal coach of European Champion Jorma Korhonen and many others. Remarkable developer of Finnish judo.

Pasi Värinen, 5. Dan, long-time referee and coach in Koyama and on national level.

Petteri Pohja, 4. Dan, previously coach of U15 national team, member of board of the Finnish Judo Association.